Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look out Wadies!

Today I picked Chase up from preschool, and he was dressed like this. He looked so delicious. They have been studying Indians at school, but he quickly let me know they like to be called "mative americans." His teachers do such a great job! He loves coming home and decorating our house with the many crafts that he makes. I also had a recent Chaseism moment in the car where he told me, "Mom I am a wover of wadies." (That's Lover of Ladies for those of you who don't speak "Chase." I laughed so hard. I asked him, "What does it mean to be a lover of ladies Chase." His response, "It means I wike (like) the ladies a whole lot." Look out world here Chase comes! I love this kid!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hairy Man

Any of you who know my Dad, know he is a Hairy specimen of a Man! (No really, he was once compared to an orangutan in terms of hairiness) We joke about it frequently as a family. Well, tonight when Brinton was getting a haircut, he observed, "I look just like Granddaddy with all this hair on my back." Graham & I laughed, took a picture, and decided this was blog worthy. I'm not sure he meant it as a compliment, but it made him think of his Granddaddy and smile. That's good enough for me!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh the things they will Say!

As we were leaving the gym today, one of the personal trainers told us goodbye. He remarked that I was looking kind of...pause...and then gave an exasperated sound. Chase took it upon himself to fill in the pause with the word Foxy. I busted out laughing. I mean my son is good for my self esteem, but it is a little weird to have your 4 year old say his mom is looking foxy in front of other people. I just can't imagine where he learns that kind of stuff. (You know as well as I do that the credit for that goes to my hubby.) Thanks for that one Honey!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Hard to be Humble!

Today in the car, while driving home from church, we had one of our fun family conversations. The word humble came up in the conversation. So Brinton asked, "What does humble mean? Graham tried explaining it so that B could understand. "It is when you don't act like you are the greatest, or think you are better than other people. When you are humble, you don't think or talk about how you are the greatest at something/everything." Just then Graham whispered to me, "Uh oh suddenly I'm not sounding so humble myself." My response: "You said it, not me." Right then, Brinton pipes back in, "Humble...I don't really think that word describes me." Graham and I busted up laughing. My sweet hubbie even added, " yeah, we probably wouldn't use that word to describe you either." He and his Daddy are so much alike sometimes it is scary. I absolutely love it! And don't worry Brinton & Graham. You guys can take the humble route. I will tell everyone how wonderful and amazing you both are. It's my Job!!:)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm not a Fan of Sad Fun either!

Chase always keeps us laughing. Today, on our way to preschool we had a fun little conversation.
Me: Chase, are you excited about preschool today?
Chase: No, I don't want to go to school.
Me: Why, it is so fun there.
Chase: I'm not really a fan of preschool Mom. (What 4 year old says that?)
Me: Well, Bud you have to get used to going to school. Next year you will be in kindergarten, and have to go to school everyday.
Chase: Well, I'm not really planning on going to kindergarten everyday.
Me: You have to go to school Chase. It's the Law! (I mean really...I decided to go there?!)
Don't you have fun when you go to preschool?
Chase: I just have sad fun Mom.
Me: What is sad fun?
Chase: It's when you are sad, but you still play.
Me: Okay. Well I still hope you have Happy Fun today.
Chase: Alright Mom, if you want me to have fun when I play I will.

I love the thoughts/words that come from my children. But sometimes I just wish I knew what to say so that we could bypass the part where fighting with me appears to be their only motive!
I do however feel thankful that they love to please us. I imagine when they are teenagers the conversations we have will end much differently than Chase saying, "Okay Mom, if you really want me to do it, I will!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween: Fun Pics; Creepy Pretend Holiday

So I had to add a few more cute pictures that we got from Halloween. I feel so silly calling Halloween a holiday, because it really isn't. It is just a day for people to be kind of creepy. As we trick or treated our neighborhood I was reminded of this fact. This year the boys really enjoyed it when grown men, dressed up in freaky costumes, tried to scare the life out of them. McKenna...not so much. I mean really, I wanted to say, "Enough already! Kuddos to you, you were able to scare my 2 year old little girl to tears." Unfortunately, she got really squeemish about walking up to doors after a couple of close encounters with some crazies. I know, I know supposedly it is all in good fun, but come on... at least they should stop once the tears start a'flowin'!"
As a quick side note, please pay special attention to the picture of me with what appears to be a trophy of some sort. I know...who actually brags about winning an award for a soup cooking contest at their church?? Me that's who! I mean it isn't everyday I win a cooking contest. It is my first win to date. So thanks to my great friend, Michelle, who I got the receipe from. (Her blog actually) The chicken queso soup was delicious...and very rewarding!