Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soccer Buddies

So Brinton & Chase had their 1st soccer game on Saturday. It is so fun because this year they are able to be on the same team. (Under 6 yrs category) That does not however mean they are at the same playing level. Chase started the game first, and it was quickly evident that he needed some extra coaching. That is where Graham comes in. He has to tell Chase that it is okay to go up and take the ball when others are dribbling it. He also needed prompting to defend his goal rather than watching his opponents score on them. By the end of the game however, he made a great goalie. When the other team would head down to their goal he would jump right in front of it. He kept from having a goal scored on the Red Storm. (Team name) Brinton on the other hand is all business. (He did play last year.) He scored 5 goals in the first game, and kept wondering if Grandmommy would be paying him $1 for every goal this year. I am guessing not since he has mastered the concept of goal scoring. Let's see: 13 games x 5 goals a piece he may start wondering if school is really necessary. Brinton also gets very annoyed when teammates don't know/follow the rules. He was quick to let a teammate know "You can't touch the ball in soccer. It's the rule." He also cheers very loudly when the other team "mistakenly" scores a goal for our team. "Awesome, they just gave us a point!" In the car ride home, Brinton repeatedly wanted to compare his game with Chase's game. "How many goals did Chase score today?" Rascally big brother! All and all it was a fun 1st game, and I am thrilled to have the boys playing together!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Crazies!

Graham & I were hanging out in the family room when he happened to get a glimpse of our children looking OH So Crazy! We had to capture the picture (see below) because afterall they were all superheroes with super powers. What was McKenna's super power you ask? She was just being super cute tagging along with her brothers. They obviously dressed themselves (except for Kenna girl) and I wondered would I let them go out dressed like this? The answer: Maybe...I've seen worse at Walmart!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So pretty much my favorite thing in the world is spending time with family. So I was thrilled when my sisters, Alden & Kathryn both flew in to AZ for a weekend visit. It was so fun to have them here with me. We had lots of fun together, and my children adored having their Aunts in our home. As much fun as we had, you stil need a highlight. The highlight of the weekend: me laughing until I cried. I don't know if I have ever done that before. But how could I not when I saw my sweet 25 year old sister pedaling around my subdivison on Chase's bike. (See picture Below:) Why would your sister be riding your 4 year old's bike you ask. Because she is pretty much the sweetest person in the whole world. I was late picking up Brinton at the bus stop outside of our neighborhood one of the days that my sisters were visitng, and so I drove out of here like a mad woman to pick up Brinton and Blake (one of our neighbor buddies.) Kathryn was afraid that I might have missed the boys and knew that I would be in a panic to have to tell Blake's mom I lost her she took off on Chase's bike pedaling the whole neighborhood trying to locate the boys. She eventually stopped at Blake's house to check if the boys were there. I had already dropped Blake off so my friend Kellie offered her a ride home, but Kathryn was too uncomfortable to accept. Imagine her embarrassment when she turned around as she was pedaling away to see Kellie & Blake laughing hysterically at the image in front of them. Unfortunately, I was not as good of a sister to her as she was to me. I was standing outside taking great pictures as she returned...and laughing so hard I cried. (Don't worry it wasn't only me laughing. Alden was taking pictures on her phone and sending them as text messages at the same time.) Good times!! I hope you still love me Kathryn even after you read this posting. Anyway, we had a wonderful time being together as sisters. I am so lucky & thankful to have them! draft 8:46:00 PM by sarah Delete

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