Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mom : According to Chase Johnson

Chase recently finished preschool. I can hardly believe he will be starting kindergarten next year! So for his last day of school, he brought home a lovely picture of me with some very interesting facts according to Chase:

Mom is 20 years old (Thank you Chase, but that makes for very scary math. Brinton is 6 years old!) Actual: 30
Mom is 100 inches tall. Like a T-Rex standing up. (That's a tiny T-Rex) Actual: 64 inches
Mom weighs 3 million pounds. (No thanks for that one Chase. His teacher says all the other kids were guessing 10 pounds, and he knew they were wrong!) Actual: None of your business...except I will say it is even less than 1 million pounds.
Mom's favorite food is meatloaf. (I do make the occasional meatloaf. Chase hates it!) Actual: Chicken fried steak...Yum!
Mom's favorite color is black. (I do wear black often. It is slimming and I am after all trying to disguise my 3 million pound waste line.) Actual: Maybe red??
Mom's favorite thing to do is: Do stuff with me. (Well he was absolutely correct about this last one.) I love doing stuff with my kids!
I love you Chase, and enjoy so much seeing you grow! Thanks for the good laugh!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pure Deliciousness!

Be honest! This picture just makes you smile. I love this girl!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Ole! As you can tell we really get into this holiday. Okay not really, but Graham's brother Dave likes to throw a party he refers to as Cinco de Moustache. Last night it was deemed Cuatro de Moustache because it fell on Monday night and is used as a social event in his single's ward. So Graham & Brinton went to the fiesta while I stayed home at the infirmary. (McKenna & Chase have been sick.) They were sad not to go, but Brinton was quite excited. He left shouting "Adios amigos!" Since coming home, Brinton too has joined the infirmary (late last night) so I am having quite the fiesta myself at home today. Happy Cinco de Mayo...I hope yours is less yucky than mine.