Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Break in Colorado

We took the kids to Colorado for Spring Break...I know I'm behind but better late than never! We had a great time being there as a family. Dad was able to get some work done, but we were still able to have lots of fun. We rode the quads, swam at the Durango Rec Center, painted rocks, and made daily trips to the ice cream shop. (Of course this is always the kids' favorite part of the trip!) It was so fun to be able to play in the snow! Unfortunately it was not fresh a little hard to work with, but snow is snow. The kids had a blast! We are so glad to be able to getaway to the cabin for some special family time. Thanks Grandpa J!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


2 quick "Chaseisms" I wanted to record.

I have a gal who comes over every other week and helps me clean. Chase came upstairs to relay this to me. "Mom, I was just downstairs and I told Elizabeth, you are a good cleaner Elizabeth." She didn't understand me so I said, "Muy bien Elizabeth, that means good job cleaning Elizabeth." He is precious!

Also, Chase has always been my style dog; the one most concerned with what he is wearing for the day. Last week he came and climbed into bed with me to cuddle, (his morning ritual...and I love it!) fully dressed for the day. He said, "Mom, do you like my outfit? Do you think the ladies will like it?" The fact that my four year old is already trying to impress the ladies is a little frightening. But I have heard a story or two about his dad at that age. He was quite the ladies man in preschool/kindergarten as well. So he gets that from Graham. Thanks a lot babe!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Poem from the Past

Graham and I were cleaning out a file today when we came across an old poem he had written in elementary school. Graham has 8 children in his family; the first 6 were boys (how did his mom do it?!) So without further adieu my husband the poet:

Little Brothers

jump, skip, run
They are so cute
little brothers

Big Brothers
i will fite back
Big Brothers

I don't know if you thought that was as funny as I did?! Graham often says they fought a lot growing up...and I am guessing these were real feelings he wrote about. This poem was mounted on cardstock and given to his mom & dad. I am sure it produced all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings. I am sure the teacher had quite a laugh as well!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Love our Diamondbacks!

Graham recently got tickets to go see the Diamondbacks. He got tickets to the Friday night and Saturday day game, so he took both of his boys out for some one-on-one time with Dad. They had a great time! Before the games, Dad came home with shirts for both of his buckaroos. ( little style dog was beyond thrilled!) I made sure to get pics before the game, and Graham remembered to take the camera to the game on Saturday. So... sorry Chase that your pics weren't quite as exciting. Chase did at least come home with a gigantic bag of cotton candy. Fortunately for me he quickly forgot about it. (I do love cotton candy!) The boys both had a great time having Dad's undivided attention. They are already asking when they will be going to their next baseball game. Thanks Dad, for being such a super dad! We are so glad you enjoy time with your kiddos so much!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter in the Johnson household. The kids had a great time hunting for eggs & baskets, and we enjoyed going to church to celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ. Right before church, I made Graham a little crazy when I informed him I wanted a "quick" family picture. We were trying to get out the door for church, and he was less than thrilled to be late, but I think all and all it was worth being 3 minutes late to church to have such a sweet picture of our precious family!

Our day at the Zoo

I actually enjoy when my kiddos have a day off from school. (Granted the entire summer break is a little bit wearing...I am referring to a fun vacation day now and then.) Friday the kids had off so we headed to the zoo. I love having a zoo membership! We rarely spend more than 2 hours at the zoo...which is the perfect amount of time for me. Today we only looked at the reptiles & amphibians before heading to the water park to cool off. The kids had a blast, and I really enjoyed watching them (& snapping cute pictures.) This age is so fun to me!