Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, Yes you are correct.

So I go and help out in Brinton's classroom every other week. Once I am there the teacher divides the kids into groups and they rotate to different activities/assignments. This week I was helping the kids in my groups work on their phonograms. So I ask them to write down the letter that makes the "huh" sound. (That letter is "h" if any of you are wondering:) So then I proceed to ask them if they can think of any words that begin with the "huh" sound. They are mostly looking puzzled/deep in thought, when one little girl shouts out "hell starts with 'huh' So I quickly tell her she is correct, and we continued onto the next phonogram. AWKWARD!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sibling Rivalry: Alive & Well

I have long heard talk about sibling rivalry, particulary in-line sibling rivalry. (You rival with the sibling above or below you in age) I didn't used to believe too much in the term, but as a mother, I am now a believer. The other day the boys and I picked McKenna up from our friend's house. She got in the car and started chattering. McK: "Lisa friend me Mom." Me: "Is Lisa your friend McKenna?" McK: "Yeah." "Brinton friend me." Me: "Yeah, Brinton is McKenna's friend." McK: "Mommy friend me. Daddy friend me." Me: "Is Chase McKenna's friend?" (I held my breath. I knew I just shouldn't ask.) Mck: "No Chasey no me friend." Me: "McKenna, Chase loves you very much. He is your friend." Mck: "Chasey, you friend me?" Chase: "No I'm not your friend." Me: "Chase that isn't very nice." Chase: "Well she said I wasn't her friend 1st." And that is how it goes! It's hard to argue with that one.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Soccer Season has finally ended!

Well the title sounds like it just ended, but really it ended in December. The boys had an awesome time playing this year. I was so glad they had the chance to be on the same team. They had fun cheering each other on, and both developed their skills a lot over the long season. We ended the season with a party at Chuck E. Cheese Pizza where all the kids enjoyed being celebrated. They received trophies for their fine efforts, which was especially awesome for Chase. This is his 1st trophy ever, and as you can see he relished the moment. The boys are anxious to start our next sporting activity, but I told them we would be taking a break for a bit before starting baseball. (It starts in March, but this Mom needs a little time to breathe.)

Is it too late for pictures with Santa?

Unfortunately, I have used the excuse, "It's the holidays" for my reasoning for not posting regular blogs. Lame I know, especially since it is now January 15th. (I guess Martin Luther King Day is coming. Isn't that considered a holiday?) Anyway, I need to post pictures from Colorado, but I don't have them currently. I decided to go on a family vacation and forget my means to capture timeless family moments. Cool I know! Anyway, so here are a few pictures of us seeing Santa this year. Brinton was pretty sure he wasn't the "real Santa Claus," but decided he would share his wish list just in case. Chase very much thought this was the real Santa Claus,and McKenna didn't care who this man was she wanted nothing to do with him.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So he's color blind. What's the big deal?!

I was pretty sure that Brinton was color blind a couple of years ago...but I keep holding out hope that I am wrong. Denial...I know it well. But after these beautiful pictures I deny no more. I asked Brinton why he chose to color the Christmas wreath brown. He let me know that he colored it green not brown. (Graham and I then showed him some coloring done with a green marker.) He said, "Yeah, I guess that's green too Mom." Then we moved on to discussing his Christmas tree. Me: "Well, I noticed that you colored this beautiful Christmas tree brown too Brinton." B: "Yeah, but I meant to color that brown Mom. I colored it to look like our Christmas tree in the living room." Me: This Christmas tree? (I point to our lovely GREEN tree.) "This tree is brown buddy." B: "You mean that tree is green not brown Mom. OH?!" So sad to say, I can deny no more. My cute little guy is definitely color blind. I decorated our home with lots of brown Christmas trees this year. I even had my friend Lisa ask me what was with all the dead looking Christmas tree art around the house. We laughed pretty hard!