Sunday, August 31, 2008

You know what is worse than the child who tattles on everyone else?

Some of you may be saying nothing. Well my kid doesn't tattle on everyone else. He strictly tattles on himself. That's right! Over the last 3 weeks Brinton has taken to confessing every negative thing that he has done to me his mother. Some of you may think that sounds cute...well it might be if it happened once or twice. Brinton probably tattles on himself 10 times a day. (And that is not accounting for weekends...when it happens ALL DAY LONG!) So the conversations go something like this:

Brinton: "Mom I was climbing on the counter in the kitchen, and you tell me I'm not allowed to do that. But I was and I won't do that anymore."

Mom: "Okay thank you Brinton" (well what else do I say to that?)

Friday night-

Brinton: "Mom I just pushed cousin Kenny into the pool and I'm not supposed to push people into the pool."

Mom: "That's right you're not supposed to push people into the pool. So go have a time out for that."

Brinton: "I don't want a time out. I guess I should just start lying to you."

Mom: (in my mind) Well it isn't actually considered a lie since I didn't ask for any of this information. Instead I say: "Well you do what you think is right. Now head on into time out."

Now perhaps that seemed funny, but while I am typing this blog and talking to my sister Kathryn on the phone, Brinton interrupted me.

Brinton:" Mom we are upstairs and we are all jumping on each other. We aren't supposed to jump on people."

Mom: What do I say to that?! "That's right son we aren't supposed to jump on people. So since you know that how about you take care of it." In my mind: Do you know what you are doing to me son?! He is singlely trying to drive me into the crazy house. But don't worry, I'm not gonna let him!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I survived the 1st week of Kindergarten!

Well, the title might seem silly, but with the first few days of Brinton in kindergarten, I wasn't sure that I was going to make it. Crazy I know! My children have an ability to make me insane when they are with me, but it is almost unbearable for me to allow them to grow up. Brinton began all day kindergarten 2 weeks ago, and I was watching the clock from lunchtime until I could pick him up from school. Don't worry, that has now stopped. Chase, McKenna & I are adjusting to having our big boy in school all day. He is loving it and actually talked me into letting him ride the bus home in the afternoon. He wanted to ride from day 1, but I explained that Mommy was taking baby steps in this new adventure of life. Our little Chase began preschool last week and is enjoying being big just like Brinton. He even brings home homework every time he attends and is ecstatic to do it! (Wonder how long that will last?) He is becoming my big guy now that Brinton is gone during the day. He loves helping me, and does his best to take care of McKenna most of the time. (He does however love teasing her!) So we are doing well in the Johnson household. I love being a Mom...almost all of the time. I was sitting with them yesterday in church marveling at how quickly they are growing (McKenna was outside in the foyer with Graham so I could marvel), and thinking how very special this time with them is. I am blinking and they are growing. That is difficult, but we make the most of each day. And lets face it, there are many days that I am grateful they are growing!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Computers Aren't Going anywhere, so I am joining the ranks as a Blogger

I have been fighting against being a blogger for a while now, but I am so hooked on seeing my adorable nieces & nephews on blogs that I finally decided I can no longer deprive all of you of my cute & rascally children. My brother Chandler recently became a father X 2 (we are so thrilled), and began blogging. Thanks to him and his efforts today I have now set up the Graham & Sarah Johnson Family Blog! Well don't get too excited, I still have to learn how to add pictures; otherwise this blog will be pitifully boring! So to catch everyone up to speed: We are enjoying living in Mesa, Arizona with our 3 precious children. Brinton is 5 and just began kindergarten ("sniff sniff"). Chase is 4 and will be beginning preschool this week, and McKenna is 22 months and my best little girlfriend. Obviously we keep quite busy, but my husband thought I needed more to do, so he ruptured his Achilles tendon 4 weeks ago. It has been an adjustment to say the least! Graham had surgery to repair it 3 weeks ago, and will still be on crutches for 5 more weeks...but who is counting? Well me that's who! I have only now been able to fully appreciate how helpful my husband used to be around the house. It is amazing how quickly this house goes to pot when I am the only one caring for it. I definitely look forward to Graham's full recovery as soon as possible. So life is good in the Johnson household and plenty crazy, and we are enjoying almost every bit of it!