Friday, September 4, 2009

My SuperGirl!

I love this picture. This pretty much sums up what it is like to have 2 older brothers. Don't get me wrong, McKenna enjoys dressing up in girl stuff too, but when it comes to playing with the boys she opts for the "muscley" spider man costume. Very feminine wouldn't you agree?! (And as a sidenote, the picture with Kenna & Brinton they are throwing webs at the camera.) But I am sure you already knew that.
So the reason McKenna is my supergirl is because she decided last week she was ready to grow up and be a big girl. I have been dreading potty training her, but she made it so easy. She loved having a sticker chart and talking about how big she really is. We started potty training on Sunday and by Tuesday she was telling me "I'm going potty now Mom." Honestly she has made it such a breeze! So after conquering that, she decided she was ready to sleep in a big girl bed. (Another thing I was avoiding...pure laziness on my part.) She started asking if she could sleep in the big girl bed in our guest room and voila now she sleeps in there like a champ. Recently Graham was out of town so my friend Lisa kindly stayed over (I'm a SuperWimp!) I went to get McKenna from the guest room bed to have her sleep the night with me (so Lisa would have the guest room) and she threw the biggest fit. "Mommy your bed is not a big girl bed!" So after trying to persuade her that my big girl bed is quite lovely, she asked me to take her to her crib instead.
Anyway, I just love this girl! She makes our home so much more fun. She talks all the time (She gets that from Graham I'm sure!) and loves playing with her brothers. So McKenna, thanks for becoming a big girl and dragging me along for the ride!

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